Et amerikansk firma ved navn Super Computer Inc. har d. 23 maj annonceret, den første super computer dedikeret til at hoste online gameservere, The Jupiter Cluster. Ifølge pressemeddelelsen vil The Jupiter Cluster køre med 2 TerraFlops, hvilket ifølge /.’s nyhed, placerede den ydelsesmæssigt mellem super computerne fra IBM, Blue Pacific og Blue Mountain.
Til de tekniske, er her hele pressemeddelelsen fra Super Computer Inc., med alle de tekniske detaljer:

Super Computer Inc. to launch third generation Online Gaming Platform on the Jupiter Cluster System, catering to the online gaming industry.

Los Angeles, CA — May 23, 2002

Super Computer Inc. announced the first-ever super computer dedicated to the online game hosting industry. The Jupiter Cluster will revolutionize the online gaming market by delivering superior online game play for the hottest PC based titles with online server-client ability. This technology advancement will allow game developers to deploy their latest releases to the online gaming market without rebuilding their code for cluster technology.
Super Computer Inc. is a private company out of Atlanta, GA with years of experience in the online game hosting market and cluster technologies and will offer this technology to the general public June 1st. 2002.

The Jupiter Cluster is currently hosted in Atlanta on high-speed Internet Backbones with 7 GB/sec access. This first of 4 clusters world-wide will host up to 3000 simultaneous game-servers and have the ability to scale up to 65,000 nodes to accommodate large deployments of individual games for the respective gaming vendors.

Each node consists of custom built rack-mounted dual AMD MP 2000 Linux systems. The Jupiter Cluster will be able to operate at 2 Tflops at each location and will be featured on the Top 500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

“The ability to instantly interface with current versions of the server-side applications of the worlds most popular FPS games, will allow most vendors to deploy their games on our system today, rather than developing special interfaces for compatibility with cluster technology”, says Justin Phelps, VP of Technology.

Currently the Jupiter Cluster hosts games with dedicated server technology such as Half-Life®, Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Firearms, Quake II®, Quake III® Arena, Star Wars® Jedi Knight II, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but also has the ability and capacity to host persistent state worlds.

“Unlike other super computer clusters being made available on the market these days, the cost and time involved for game developers seeking to give their titles the ability to run on super computer clusters, has been eliminated. We can support it as long as it can run on a Linux Platform”, states Jesper Jensen, President & CEO.

Acting as a virtual Dedicated Server, all games and applications hosted on the Jupiter Cluster can be managed directly by the customer through secure Internet gateways giving flexibility and control over the applications without the intrusive nature of manual on-site interaction. However, Super Computer Inc. does have on-site support staff available 24 hours a day.

The Jupiter Cluster is certain to revolutionize the industry. The speed, support, and capacity of the system is sure to provide everything a game developer or avid gamer would want or need to host their games.

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