PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) har nu rundet 5 mio. spillere på Xbox One. PUBG Corp. fejrer det ved at give dig en PUBG5 jakke in-game.

Det er er altså stadig ikke rigtig nogen grænser for hvor populært Battle Royale kan blive. PUBG Corps Lead Community Manage, Sammie Kang har fattet tasterne på Xbox Wire og meddeler i dag, at de har rundet 5 mio. spillere alene på Xbox One. Ganske imponerende for et spil som stadig er ganske meget i beta / preview-form.

De har også gjort en lille accolades-trailer tilgængelig som du kan se herunder.

This week we’re celebrating yet another milestone for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on Xbox One: we have now passed 5M players! We’re very excited that the community continues to grow – reaching over 5 million players in less than 3 months is a major accomplishment and we’re happy so many of you are enjoying the game.

We’ve also greatly appreciated all the feedback received from the community which is helping us create the best and most realistic Battle Royale experience. We just released the ninth optimization patch on March 2, which improved vehicle feedback, sound effects, matchmaking and more, and last week we shared our spring development roadmap with details on what you should expect to see in the weeks to come, including the release of the 2nd map, Miramar. You can read more details here.

In recognition of reaching the 5M player milestone, we have a few treats to share. Today we’re debuting a new video asset for PUBG featuring – you! Well, not all 5 million of you, but some of you – our amazing community of players around the world. We’ve loved watching your gameplay stories and moments in PUBG.