Persona 5 skulle have været klar til udgivelse her på vores kontinent den 14. februar. Atlus og Deep Silver kunne dog i går meddele, at du må vente lige godt to måneder yderlige, da de har besluttet sig for også at inkludere spillets originale japanske lydspor og dialog i den udgave vi kommer til at se herhjemme. Den nye dato er den 4. april.

Atlus fortæller dog, at spillets original-lyd vil blive gjort tilgængeligt via en gratis DLC og i det lys synes forklaringen for forsinkelsen en smule underlig.

Deep Silver har som et lille plaster på såret gjort yderligere tre trailers tilgængelige (1, 2, 3), hvoraf du kan se den ene herover.

Persona 5 ankommer i fire forskellige udgaver: Standard & SteelBook Launch Edition PS4 (€69.99), Premium Edition PS4 (€89.99) og PS3 Edition (€49.99)

Munich, November 17 – The Phantom Thieves – there’s no stopping them! They pulled a daring heist just to prove how powerful they are and that no obstacle is insurmountable. They have done the impossible and stolen the P5 Japanese VO data and delivered it to Atlus USA for inclusion in the western release of the game as free DLC at launch! It means Persona 5 will have dual Audio, Japanese and English, in the West.

As this is the case, the launch will be nudged back just a bit – Persona 5 will now release on April 4, 2017 in the USA, Europe and all PAL regions simultaneously. The wait has been agonizing, but the Japanese release of Persona 5 smashed all expectations, and as a company, Atlus USA decided that they owed all fans the very best effort to make Persona 5 their gold standard for the English localization. Practically, this means redoubling QA and localization efforts, even returning to the studio to record previously unvoiced lines. They do not want to rush this game and in this instance, it meant they needed to move the release back for the last time.

Further, way back when the P5 “Take Your Heart” premium edition was revealed, there were a lot of placeholders for the artwork. Well now the artwork has been updated! The art book, soundtrack CD, SteelBook™ case and collectible outer box have all been renewed!

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