Så har Id udgivet det nye build af PR 1.17 til mac, da den forrige udgave havde problemer med installeren på nogle macs.
Desuden har de også delvist rettet et problem der fik frameraten til at falde. Robert Duffy skrev følgende i sin .plan.

I’ve updated the Macintosh 1.17 point release. Two things happened with it.

1. The installer seemed to expire between when I started it ( about a week ago, been running since ) and when I built the Mac install. Some people had issues running it getting an unregistered installation. I’m not sure why everyone did not see the problem ( it worked fine on several Mac’s here In any event, we re-registered it and anyone who had those problems should not see them anymore.

2. There was a frame rate drop on Macintoshes, again only on a percentage of them which has been addressed.

In other news, new game source for 1.17 should be out sometime this weekend, and I am hoping to get the tool source out at the same time.

Den nye patch kan selfølgelig hentes her fra Daily Rush.