Er du retro-spillene, og har du rundet de 40, vil du nok kunne huske Brøderbunds Lode Runner fra 1983. Tozai games har i dag annonceret Lode Runner Legacy via Steam Greelight og spillet rammer os i løbet af sommeren.

Lode Runner har været genudgivet i adskillige remakes siden debuten for 24 år siden. Tozai and Southend Interactive stod bag Xbox Live Arcade-udgaven af spillet i 2009 og i 2012 fik Windows Phone også en Lode Runner-variant i form af Lode Runner Classic. Året efter ankommet det også som iOS og Android-titel.

Tozai Games har allerede aktiveret Steam Greenlight siden for Lode Runner Legacy, hvor du kan se en trailer (eller se herover) og lidt screenshots. Lode Runner kan bedst karakteriseres som et puzzle-orienteret platform-spil, hvor hyper præcision ikke er altafgørende.

Bellevue, Wash. — April 7, 2017 — Tozai Games is pleased to announce the classic platformer series Lode Runner is now on Steam Greenlight. “Lode Runner Legacy” is the latest edition in the classic Lode Runner series, a masterpiece of action puzzle gaming first introduced in the U.S. in 1983 by creator Doug Smith. This new version features all of the high-adrenaline gameplay Lode Runner is known for with an updated Voxel visual style and powerful editors that let players create their own Runners and items. The Steam Greenlight campaign can be found at

“Lode Runner endures because its combination of action and puzzle-solving never goes out of style,” says Scott Tsumura, co-founder of Tozai Games. “For this new edition, we’ve included a suite of game editors that allow players to customize to their hearts’ content and create their ‘one and only Lode Runner.’ We hope longtime fans and new players support this updated edition of ‘Lode Runner Legacy’ on Greenlight.”

In Lode Runner, players manipulate “Runner” to infiltrate the evil empire and recover stolen gold while avoiding enemies and minefields. The ingenious balance of puzzle and action gameplay from the original game is alive in “Lode Runner Legacy,” along with many new features that offer a fresh Lode Runner experience to both new players and returning fans alike.

Lode Runner’s frantic action takes place in static, maze-like levels, where a single player dodges enemies while running and climbing platforms to reach and claim stacks of gold. Jumping and shooting foes is forbidden, but blocks can be blasted to access lower platforms or trap pursuing enemies. Winding through ever-increasing levels of complexity is not for the faint of heart.

Key features of Lode Runner Legacy include:

  • Adventure Mode: Sneak through the evil Empire and bring back stolen gold!
  • Puzzle Mode: It’s all puzzles, all the time. No enemies allowed.
  • Classic mode: Play the original 150 levels in 3D!
  • World Levels: An outstanding collection of user-created levels.
  • Level Editor: Create your own levels and share with other fans.
  • Character Editor: Design your own Runner and enemies.
  • Item Editor: Create custom gold items.
  • Online Rankings: Compete against other fans in global standings.

New in this edition:

  • Varying level sizes
  • More technical bonuses
  • Deadly enemies
  • Challenging new AI
  • FPS camera view

“Lode Runner Legacy” is expected to launch this summer. For more information, visit the blog at

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  1. Jeg kan kun gå ud fra den hakkende framerate skyldes den utrolige state-of-the-art grafik. Hardwaren til at køre et sådant vidunder findes bare ikke endnu.