EA har udgivet en ny pilot briefing, hvor de går i detaljer med de fly, der er i Star Wars: Squadrons, og deres forskellige egenskaber. Du kan læse den her.

En sjov detalje kommer fra Ian Frazier, Creative Director på Star Wars: Squadrons, som forklarer hvordan flyenes cockpitter er designet med de originale film i tankerne:

A big part of our work in bringing these starfighters to life has been the creation of the cockpits. They’re challenging, because we’re trying to look as realistic as possible while matching the aesthetic from the films and incorporating the necessary gameplay information as naturally as possible. How do we convey the state of your shields or the status of your target, for instance, in a way that feels like it belongs in the Star Wars galaxy?

This means that when we want to communicate the charge level of your lasers in an X-wing, we design the cockpit instruments for that as if we were Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) building the prop in the ’70s. We don’t say “put a red light there,” we say “if you needed to physically build this using the sorts of parts that ILM had, how would it be built? Is that light a bulb? An LED? How would it be integrated into the dashboard and how would its light interact with everything around it. We ensure the screens are CRTs with appropriately curved monitors, and so forth.

Star Wars: Squadrons udkommer den 2. oktober i år til PC, Xbox One og PlayStation 4. På PlayStation 4 og PC vil det være muligt at spille med et VR headset.

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  1. Jeg opdagede først denne title for en lille uge siden og nu kan jeg slet ikke vente på det udkommer. Er ved at præge hele min gamer vennekreds så vi skal lave vores egen lille squadron