2K Games og Irrational Games har netop annonceret BioShock Infinite. Du kan er læse et kortfattet interview med Irrational Games’ Ken Levine, som har stillet op til syv spørgsmål omkring det kommende spil. Vi har valgt ikke at oversætte interviewet. BioShock Infinite vil være på banen i løbet af 2012 og udkommer til PC, PlayStation 3 og Xbox 360.

Nye omgivelser og nye udfordringer

Can you tell me a bit more about the new city, Columbia?


Ken Levine: Unlike Rapture, Columbia wasn’t a mystery hidden away from the eyes of the world. To the contrary, Columbia was the moon landing of 1900 – an expression of American genius designed to demonstrate to the world by example the founding democratic principles of the United States. “See the city above the clouds, the product of American ideals, endeavor and industry. Could your country create something like THIS?”. However, what started out as the Apollo Project became the Death Star. The city, which turns out to be armed to the teeth, goes off-mission, becomes embroiled in a violent international incident… and promptly disappears behind the clouds.

Can you tell me a bit more about who you play?

Ken Levine: The player plays the role of Booker DeWitt, a disgraced former Pinkerton agent. He’s known as a man who gets things done… for a price. A mysterious figure, who seems to know how to locate Columbia, hires DeWitt to go to infiltrate the lost city and retrieve a young woman who’s been held there since she was a child. 

When DeWitt arrives in Columbia, he has little problem locating Elizabeth, but the city has changed in its years hidden amongst the clouds. And as it turns out, Elizabeth isn’t just anybody – she’s squarely at the center of a conflict that has torn apart the city. As she and Booker engage in a desperate struggle to escape, they learn that they must trust one another and combine their unique abilities to survive.

Can you tell me how you went about making this new game?

Ken Levine: Let me start by saying that there were no sacred cows when we started work on this game. Everything in BioShock Infinite is there for a reason, not simply because it was featured in a previous game. BioShock Infinite was designed from scratch; there’s not a single line of code we wrote or asset we created that existed in a previous BioShock game.

We wanted to create a world unlike Rapture, one that was literally floating, that was crumbling underneath you and affecting your gameplay. We had to develop new technologies to bring that to life.

You also know who you are in this game – you have an identity – and in Elizabeth you have a meaningful gameplay companion. There’s a larger variety of game spaces and a sense of speed and scale and vertigo unlike anything you have ever seen before, in any game. You’ll find yourself in firefights with huge groups of enemies in both intimate environments and in massive duels to the death.

We’re making an entirely new statement about what it means to be a BioShock game.

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